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Reinvent the patient experience in radiology

Healthcare is a fascinating world. It’s the area where you wake up every day and you feel like you’re doing something for millions of people.

Help us tackling the untapped potential to reinvent patient experience.

Despite dramatically technology-driven developments in all areas of life, patient experience along the entire care episode has remained largely unchanged. Today’s patients are well informed consumers, and their expectations have helped set the benchmark when it comes to engagement, just as they have done in other areas, such as retail & financial services. Patient experience still includes reduced availability of the preferred provider, long waiting times before the exams, missing access to the right information and in some cases even redundant exams & scans.

Let’s reinvent the existing patient experience (UX & UI) together.


Help us figure out how we might …

eliminate the waiting room
reinvent the patient interaction
track patient experience & satisfaction in order to counteract if required
help the patient to access and understand his or her findings
use data from all possible sources to improve the patient experience