Reinvent the wheel!
Create an active vehicle corner module

Think outside the square – Round the corner!

Develop a new virtual and / or physical active vehicle corner concept to demonstrate enhanced mobility and agility for a standard passenger car.

Create a modular, cost effective and lightweight system. The active vehicle corner concept should combine the following functions in a smart, complete system that improves the vehicle’s performance:

  • Drive
  • Brake & Recuperation
  • Suspension and
  • Steering.

What’s a vehicle corner?

Cars have 4 corners, the area where the wheels are basically mounted to the car. There is a lot going on in this high tech area of the car à Steering, drive, suspension, breaking, wheel baring, swivel bearing, anti-roll bar, the mounting to the car, etc. Your challenge is to come up with a new concept for this highly complex area of a standard passenger vehicle!