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    Juan Carlos Suarez

    Hi everyone 🙂
    I’m looking for a place to stay from friday to sunday, so if you have a free bed or couch to offer it would be great. Even better if you live near to the Techfest place, but is not a must 😉
    About me: I am a Medical Engineering Master student, studying in Erlangen. I come from Colombia, so if you wanna refresh or practice your spanish would be glad to help. I have participated in some Hackathons before and enjoy the energy of solving a challenge in less time while getting to know new people! I have some experience in Android App-Development and in biomedical signal processing in Python and am interested in Machine Learning!
    Looking forward to have a beer with my host -> beer for accomodation 😉
    Great Techfest to everyone!

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    If you are still in need of a couch I can offer you a place from Friday to Sunday in Mintraching, near Neufahrn. It is technically quite close to Garching but public transportation kind of sucks, especially at late hours and during the weekend, so expect about 1:30+ hs to get there :/

    Let me know if you are interested 😉


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