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    I just saw this forum, and I would be happy to host some Techfest participants Friday/Sat/Sun, if there’s a few still looking for a place. Just please be clean and quiet/respectful people! This is not a dorm–it’s an apartment building with families. 😉 I’m located between Implerstrasse and Harras U-Bahn stations (Bus 53 “Margaretenplatz” is really close).

    Contact me with your info if you need a place!
    Here’s my barely-used Couchsurfing profile:

    — Jackie

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    Mohamed Aymane Zizi

    Hello Jacquelyn, I just saw your offer about place for TechFest participants, i am computer engineer, doing my master in Konstanz, will be participating in TechFest, i like that you are ”computer nerd” 🙂 i would like to know whether you code or your expertize on computer, also i like that you are traveler and aiming to discover new cultures, i would like to hear the cultures you already discovered and tell you my moroccan cultures and turkish cultur where i lived 7 years, my couchsurfing page is : , will be glad if you host me.
    Aymane Zizi.

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    Roberto Battaglia

    Hi Jacquelyn! I come from Milan and I need a place for Friday and Saturday night. I promise to be respectful and not messing around obviously (it’s the minimum I can do)

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    Oleksii Chernyshov

    If the offer is relevant. I would be glad to use your kindness. I and two comrades can sleep on the couch and futon, if there is the right place. We can help with what we can

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