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    Benjamin Gosse

    Hey everyone,
    i am located at the Leonrodplatz, about 45mins from Garching. Its just a one-room apartement so only room for one additional person besides myself 🙁
    I can host someone for four nights if the need is there (Thursday to Monday).
    I dont really mind who i host but i myself am deeply interested in sustainability in general and energy specifically so if the person would share some of that it would be a bonus 😉
    Looking forward to the Techfest!

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    Jakub Suchánek

    Hi Benjamin,
    I am an engineering student at Cambridge and could rather use somewhere to stay :‐).
    I am mainly interested in AI and robotics but like to keep a wide view so would be happy to talk about sustainability ;‐).
    Do you still have a space free?

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    Benjamin Gosse

    I’m hosting Jakub so i’m booked 🙂

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