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    Weiling Xi


    I and my teammate are coming from Bonn.

    I am an Asian girl, Christian is a Germany boy

    we both need a place to stay from Thursday to Friday, Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday.

    we are both looking for hosts.

    we can bring our own sleeping bag. definitely not picky about the place

    Also, we are looking for teammates.

    we are a quite promising team I will say. If you are willing to host us, we will chat and introduce ourselves before the event. if we feel right, then we will be very happy if we can team up with our hosts.

    We are not taking advantage of hosts. we are damn friendly here.

    if you are willing to host us, let me know.

    I will check here. also, I leave my phone number here: 017695756560, you can find me with SMS or major instant messages platforms.


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    Weiling Xi

    no reply yet… I am a kind of worried

    here is my Instagram.
    brute force self advancement. (ง •̀_•́)ง
    Still looking for 2 couches, 1 for me, and 1 for my teammate.

    if anyone can help PM me… thx thx

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    Christian Grund

    FYI: I’m the teammate…

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      Weiling Xi

      lol i was really pumped and thought someone replied then it was you, Christian.

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    Marco Gronover

    Are you still searching?
    I am pretty sure, that I can host you. PM me

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      Weiling Xi

      PMed! thank for reply Marco!

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    Weiling Xi

    got place to sleep.
    close the issue happily.
    Weiling and Chrisitian thanks all the people who write us!!! big thanks!

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